Case Study

On how to NOT conduct business

In June of 2021, I was warned by friends in Boston that Greg Richter has a habit of finding fault in work performed to get out of paying his bills. Greg’s previous victim was a CPA that did Greg taxes — services for which Greg never paid.

Joe Lombardi, CEO SunLogic Power Dumbass

Initial and Amended Complaints

The link below leads to a combined document featuring an initial and amended complaint filed in Chittenden County Civil Court in Vermont. Once the leaders of SunLogic Power, Greg Richter and Joe Lombardi, duplicated the website I built for them and pushed it live before paying me, I decided to file a lawsuit for full payment. Greg Richter was a friend so I offered to create a new website for his company for a mere $1500!

That’s CEO Joe, right there.

Supporting Documentation

I was married to a federal agent for 18 years. During our time together, he obtained a Masters’s in Forensic Science. I audited all of his classes, read his textbooks, and proofread his essays. The secondary education has made me more thorough and taught me how to track every digital move.

NOTE: The screenshots I submitted to the court were taken BEFORE SunLogic pushed my design live. The fact I filed the complaint while their old site was up, then my design was made live, negated Richter’s complaints about my performance and how ‘disappointed’ he was with my work.

And this is COO Greg Richter.

Greg Richter King of the Douchebags Sunlogic Power

The Website I Created

If you’d like to see the demo site I built, visit their website. If you didn’t waste your time reading every document I shared, let me fast-forward a bit. I created this website with the least amount of client participation I’ve ever experienced in my decades of owning a business. I offered a discounted price for my time and expertise and was taken advantage of – although the signs were there that this client, albeit someone I (thought I) knew, was not a good fit, I pressed on.

We All Make Mistakes

I’m not going to pretend like I’m a perfect person. We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all done things for which we ae not proud. I’m grateful for the times I was held accountable. No matter how embarrassing or humiliating it was. I am a better person for it. Maybe these two will turn their lives around and pay their invoice like decent humans? Or maybe Karma will do its thing?

Don't Be a Jerk Greg Richter