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Learn How to Drive a Tesla with Deana


Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y

  We have owned a Tesla since 2018. We started off with a rear-wheel drive 2018 Model 3 (L). Then in 2020 ordered and received a Long Range Model Y (R). Both cars have FSD (Full Self Driving) We are honored to be among the first 1000 people to have access to FSD beta in 2020.

Our Newest Addition

In mid-March, we sold our 2020 Model Y and bought a 2024 Model Y, this time in Blue with the white interior. We also kept the tow hitch for transporting our e-bikes, and the 20″ black induction wheels. This car is a quieter ride and feels even more solid than the 2020 MY felt.

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2024 Tesla Model Y
Deana in the Tesla

Passionate about EVs. And Especially Tesla

Join Deana, an experienced instructor with over 6 years of foundational experience and proven teaching skills, as she guides you through the process of driving a Tesla.